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Always wild-picked, each tea is named after Icelandic herbs and botanicals. These have been used as tea and remedies for centuries. Check out our collection to find your favorites!

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Teko Tea | Traditional Icelandic Tea Blends

Featured Product: FJALLAGRAS

FJALLAGRAS (Icelandic Moss) The delicious blend of Icelandic Moss + Premium Black Tea…Packed with Vitamin C.

Traditional Icelandic Tea Blends, Teko Tea, BLODBERG - Wild Thyme and Green Tea - Soft Floral Notes

Steeping Instructions

+ Metric System: 1TL/250ml, *90-80°C, 2-4 minutes

+ Imperial System: 2t/8.5oz, *176-194°F, 2-4 minutes

*Temperature varies based on tea blend.

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