The traditional Icelandic tea blends are available now. A variety of wild-picked Icelandic herbs blended with sourced green and black tea create intriguing flavors. Icelanders have used the native herbs for teas and remedies for over a thousand years. Staying true to the mission, starting in 2020, Teko is distributed in the United States.


Blodberg – Wild Thyme – Blodberg’s delicate purple-pink flowers can only be picked when blooming, during the short two weeks of spring. The flowers bring soft floral tones to this Icelandic tea blend.

Kerfill – Sweet Cicely – Spanarkerfill, or sweet cicely, grows wild in the Icelandic lowlands. Spanarkerfill brings the flavors of anise and licorice to this Icelandic tea blend.

Fjallagras – Iceland Moss – Fjallagras was vital for the survival of the Icelandic nation through the centuries, providing vital nutrients in harsh winters. Fjallagras brings salty oceanic tones to this traditional Icelandic tea.

Birki lauf – Birch Leaves – The birch is Iceland’s only native forest tree. For centuries, we have harvested the virgin leaves in spring. The birch leaves give a unique peppery taste to this traditional Icelandic tea.

Mjadjurt – Meadowsweet – Mjadjurt grows scented white flowers and is found in grassland, forests and swamp areas in Iceland. Mjadjurt brings earthy spice tones to this Icelandic tea blend.

Meet Amy

Amy Moore is a mom, a tea lover, a sister, a podcaster, a daughter, a business owner and a friend. Drinking tea added to cozy evenings in Amy’s Midwestern childhood home and, during an undergrad study abroad program to China, she developed a deeper appreciation of tea. 

Amy found Teko Tea on the shelves of Duty Free Iceland, the tax free store at Keflavik Airport. It was love at first sight! She went from a customer to distributor in less than one year.

When Amy is not distributing Iceland’s Teko Tea, you can find her providing services and products to her Clean What You Can clients, hanging out with her kids or co-hosting Less Alone: A Podcast About Connection.  Amy applies her skills from past experiences in education, sales and marketing to product distribution, workshop facilitation and home/office/life organization.

Amy would love to have the opportunity to share her love of Teko Tea with you!

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